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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Patti vaithiyam for newborn babies in tamil treatment

This is Patti vaithiyam for newborn babies in Tamil treatment. From the ancient time, health advises are taken from the elder ladies in the home. Their suggestions are always useful and natural. Patti vaithiyam for newborn baby is famous all over the world. With the help of simple kitchen ingredients, many health problems can be solved easily. The health problems in newborn babies are difficult to find out but with some useful grandma tips immediate relief can be given to the babies.

Patti vaithiyam for newborn babies 

Here are some grandma remedies for new born babies:
If the infant is suffering from the problem of asthma, apply lobelia in liquid form or mix it with aloe Vera juice or massage oil and apply it on baby’s chest. Rub gently to get it absorbed in the skin.

  1. Paati vaithiyam for babies cold : Many times baby’s nose get stuffed or blocked. It is very difficult to clean the nose of an infant. In such cases grandma remedies suggest the remedy of giving steam to the baby. Steaming up your bathroom is the best way to give steam to baby.
  2.  To keep the baby safe from cough and cold, hang some raw onion slices in your baby’s room near its bed. Onion aroma can also prevent the problem of stuffy nose.
  3. Paati vaithiyam for babies fever:  If the infant is suffering from fever, giving sponge bath is an effective remedy for the baby. Take warm water in bucket and add fresh lemon slices in it. Use soft cotton cloth to give sponge bath to the baby. This remedy will give immediate relief from fever.
  4. Boil few tulsi leaves in clean and boiled water and allow it to cool. Feed this lukewarm water to baby with clean spoon to fight against cough and cold. This remedy gives very quick results.
  5. Insect bite:  The problem of insect bite is commonly seen among infants. To give instant relief from the itching and burning sensations, make a smooth paste of baking soda and little water. Apply the paste on the affected area and leave it to dry. This easy remedy can reduce the swelling and itching remarkably.
  6.  Sometimes infants will cry because of headache. To reduce the pain, tie few ice cubes in soft towel and press is very gently on the forehead and temples of baby. Avoid using ice directly on baby’s forehead.
  7.  If you mark red patches or swelling on baby’s body, use the remedy of cucumber slices to apply on the affected skin. Cucumber slices have natural cooling effect to reduce the burning of the skin
  8. Paati vaithiyam for stomach pain : If the baby is crying because of stomach pain then using hot water bottle is the safest remedy to give relief to the baby. Don’t make the water too hot as it can harm baby’s gentle skin.
  9.  If you find symptoms of colic in your infant, give a warm bath to baby for relaxing effect. Most of the babies enjoy gentle water spray on their body and back. Also you can massage baby with warm mustard oil and give warm water bath to reduce gas problems and colic pain instantly.
  10. Apply petroleum jelly on your baby’s skin to avoid skin irritation effectively.