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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tamil Maruthuvam for Pimples

This is the details of tamil maruthuvam for pimples. Acne and acne scar are the major problem for teen age boys and girls. There are various types of treatments are available to cure this problem but the treatments never give permanent solution for acne problem. The below given tips acne home remedy treatment.
Cystic acne home remedy treatment, acne scar home remedy treatment and acne home remedy spot treatment are very effective method and are very natural without causing any side effects. Here are some easily applicable Tamil medicine for pimples.

Tamil tips for pimples: Fast Acne Home Remedy treatments
Acne home remedy overnight Cure: ice pack massage and applying lemon juice with neem paste gives overnight cure and reduce the inflammation.

Acne home remedies fast Cure: Wash your face with mild soap and apply Vinegar on the acne mark hourly once for five times in the day and one time at night before bed for acne fast cure.

Tamil treatment for pimples
Acne home remedy face mask is one of the best methods to get rid of acne scar problem. You can prepare apple honey mask at home by adding 4tsp of apple paste with 2tsp of natural honey and 1tsp of warm milk. Mix well and apply like usual face mask.  

Acne Home Remedy Aspirin Treatment: One of the best home remedy for acne using aspirin. Add non-coated asprin with lemon juice and prepare like a paste and apply for acne scar for a week regularly.   

Acne home Remedy baking soda Treatment: Take 2tsp of baking soda and mix with Luke warm water. Apply baking soda paste for your face on the acne mark to get complete cure.
Acne home Remedy for oily skin Treatment using lime juice: Take 3tsp of lime juice add green gram powder to make a paste form. Apply the paste for your face regularly.
Acne home Remedy toothpaste Treatment: wash your face with green gram powder or paste. Take pepper sized paste on your finger and put on the acne with out rubbing leave it as such for about one hour and wash your face.  

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