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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Nattu vaithiyam for weight gain

This is the sharing of Nattu vaithiyam for weight gain. Being slim is always desirable but being over thin is a very good problem in front of few people. They find it very difficult to gain weight after lots of efforts also. Here are some easy and natural remedies tamil medicine to gain weight within few months.

When you really wish to put on weight, then you need to maintain lot of patience. Focus on your lifestyle and be ready to change it if necessary. The first and the most important thing you need to do is pay attention on your diet. 

The food you eat plays the very important role in your weight gain or weight loss program. It is must that you should have healthy and nutritious food in your diet. You have to eat proper quantity of food to gain few kilos. Initially you may feel it difficult to eat more but slowly you will be able to improve your habits.

Include the food in your diet which is rich in proteins, fats and carbohydrates. This type of food not only gives strength to bones and muscles but also helps to gain weight rapidly. Drink lot of water along with healthy food Exercise is necessary to keep your body healthy. 

Along with the healthy diet, you need to start moderate exercise to bring your body into shape. Stretching exercises will not only make your bones strong and muscles flexible but also will help you to gain some weight easily.

You need to schedule at least 8 to 9 hours of peaceful sleep when you wish to gain weight. Proper sleep provides relaxation to your mind and body and relaxed muscles are helpful in gaining weight.

Never starve your body. You have to be very particular about your meals. Never skip your meals if you really wish to gain weight.

 Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables as they are very beneficial for body. Seasonal fruits are also helpful in gaining weight. The fruits like banana, mangoes, grapes and chikoo are rich in calories and can be helpful to gain weight. 

Musk melon is also considered as very good fruit for gaining weight.
Fatty food like cheese and butter should be included in your diet. This type of food provides proteins and calcium too. This will surely help you to gain weight within few months.

Chicken and eggs are rich source of vitamin A, D and E. These high calorie foods are helpful for gaining weight easily and quickly.

Eat dry fruits daily as they are loaded with proteins and high calories. The regular intake will surely help you to put on weight. You can boil the dry fruits like almonds, dates and figs with milk and consume it twice a day for extra benefits in your weight gain program.

Eating potatoes also provides sugar and carbohydrates to your body and help you to gain weight.

Eat a bowl full of fresh curd every day. It is one of the easiest remedies for weight gain.

The combination of milk and honey is very good for weight gain. Daily drink glass of hot milk along with 1 tsp honey mixed in it for twice in a day.
Eating raisins regularly can show very positive results on your weight within few months.

Follow yoga with the advice of experts to gain desired weight surely.

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