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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Tamil Vaithiyam for Acidity

This is the details on Tamil vaithiyam for acidity. Acidity problem is now becoming common for all age group people. This you can call as paati vaithiyam for acidity or home remedy medicine and treatment for acidity problem which gives you permanent relief.  
Tulsi leaves for acidity: One of the best tamil medicine for acidity is Tulsi leaves. Basil leaves or tulsi leaves are useful to get immediate relief from acidity. Chew some tulsi leaves to control acidity. You can also boil tulsi leaves in water for 10 minutes. Add honey and fresh lemon drops in it and consume this hot tea to calm down acidity. You can consume dried tulsi leaves powder to get rid of acidity.
Acidity remedy in Tamil medicine using Cinnamon: It works on our digestive system and thus helps to reduce acidity effectively. Add cinnamon powder in water and boil it. Add honey for taste. Consume this tea twice a day to get rid of acidity.
Acidity cure in Tamil using Buttermilk: It is considered as one of the best remedies to control acidity. Buttermilk contains lactic acid which can reduce acidity effectively. Add paste of fenugreek seeds in buttermilk and drink it for instant effect. Add vinegar or lemon juice in buttermilk for quick relief from acidity. Add a pinch of black pepper powder in buttermilk to control acidity.
Apple cider vinegar: It contains acetic acid which is effective in treating many types of stomach problems. Mix 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar in water and drink it to get quick effect on acidity. Mix apple cider vinegar with honey and consume it to avoid the problem of acidity.
Tamil Vaithiyam for Acidity using Cloves: It gives carminative effect which produces hydrochloric acid in stomach that is beneficial in curing acidity. Simply chew 2-3 cloves to consume the juice of it. Cloves eaten with cardamom can reduce acidity as well as bad breathe.
Acidity treatment in tamil using Ginger: It contains anti-inflammatory properties which can cure acidity. When you feel the symptoms of acidity, chew a piece of fresh ginger. Boil some ginger pieces in water and drink that water for faster effect.
Cumin seeds: Jeera or cumin seeds can neutralize stomach acid effectively and thus reduces acidity. It can also reduce stomach pain caused by indigestion. Roast and crush cumin seeds and mix it in water. Consume this water to control acidity. Boil cumin seeds in water and consume it for quick effect on acidity.

Cold milk: It is one of the oldest remedies to control acidity. Cold milk can calm down gastric acids produced in stomach and thus controls acidity. Consume cold milk after heavy and spicy meals to control acidity.

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