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Monday, November 3, 2014

Tamil Vaithiyam for Weight loss Paati Medicine

Best Tamil vaithiyam for weight loss
This is Tamil vaithiyam for weight loss treatment. Paati vaithiyam for weight loss in Tamil herbal mooligai medicine treatment is very effective and no side effects found.
  • Lemon is considered as one of the best home remedies to reduce weight quickly. Add few drops of fresh lemon juice in warm water and consume it early in the morning to reduce weight effectively.
  • One of the best Tamil vaithiyam for weight loss is lemon juice and honey. Add a spoon of honey in the warm water along with fresh lime juice to shed the extra fats from your body.
  • Add lemon juice along with virgin olive oil in warm water and consume it on empty stomach to remove harmful body toxins from your body and reduce the weight naturally.
  • Cinnamon works magically in weight loss treatment. Cinnamon can help you to reduce weight by controlling the appetite and improving the metabolism rate to decrease the fats and weight quickly.
  • Most effective tamil vaithiyam for weight loss is horse gram. Horse gram can leave warming effect in the body and thus is useful to burn the fats stored the body. It is one of the quickest remedies to reduce weight.
  • Ginger is very beneficial to regulate the digestive system. It detoxifies the body and helps to prevent the fat storage in the body. Thus helps to reduce weight.
  • Turmeric is rich in fat reduction properties. It prevents the fats saturation in the body and helps to reduce weight within short period.
  • Black pepper can improve the metabolism rate of body which can prove helpful in weight reduction. It can also help to burn the stored fats effectively.
  • Mix lemon juice and ginger juice in warm water and consume it twice a day. The combination of lemon and ginger can detoxify the body, increase the metabolism, regulate the digestion and thus helps to reduce the extra weight. 
  • Antioxidant properties of herbal or green tea can be beneficial to decrease weight.
  • Mix mint leaves juice along with honey and black pepper powder to reduce the weight and bring the body in perfect shape.
  • Allicin present in garlic can control the appetite and increase the metabolism of the body. Consuming 3-4 garlic pods regularly can help you to reduce weight.
  • Aloe vera juice can help to improve digestion and detoxifies the body. Thus it is considered as very effective in weight reduction program.
  • Mustard seeds are helpful to detoxify body and reduce the fat storage in the body.

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