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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Tamil herbal medicine for diabetes Mooligai vaithiyam

This article is on Tamil herbal medicine for diabetes Mooligai vaithiyam. Tamil medicine for diabetes is completely naturely hence no side effects. Diabetes has become the most common disease in these early years. When many allopathic medicines are available to treat the condition, the ancient treatment details shows that ayurvedic and siddha medicines are also showing equal benefits for the disease. Generally in ayurveda Nisa Amlaki is used for treating and averting diabetes. Tamil maruthuvam for diabetes suggest to use
Nisa Amlaki, it  is a medicinal combination prepared with turmeric powder and amla. Other than Nisa Amlaki, Madhumeght Choornam is another wonderful medicine prepared by ayurvedic diabetes treatment in Tamil nadu and siddha medicinal therapists.

How to control diabetes in Tamil medicine 

It is necessary for the patient to be regular about blood tests, so that blood sugar level can be kept under control. In blood tests the therapists are keen about the Glycosylated Hemoglobin level in the blood. If that level is found above the normal range then it can be harmful for the patient’s other organs.  Here is a simple method to prepare natural medicine for diabetes in Tamil treatment.

Madhumegha choornam which is suggested in Siddha therapy to treat diabetes is a combination of some easily found ingredients. It can be available in any herbal medical store also. Total six ingredients are used to make this choornam. Here is the formula to make this beneficial choornam:

Turmeric powder (freshly ground) – 25 grams, (preferably organic turmeric)

Amla powder – 50 grams

Fenugreek seeds powder – 50 grams

Dried curry leaves powder - 50 grams

Phyllanthus neruri or Keelanelli powder – 50 grams and

Kadugurohini powder – 12.5 grams

It is very easy to make powder of organic turmeric in a mixer after making small pieces of it with help of hammer. Remove the seeds of dry amla and grind it into powder. Fenugreek seeds can be ground very easily. Dry the curry leaves in shade and make powder of it. Keelanelli or phyllanthus neruri is especially used for the treatment of jaundice. The plant is loaded with hepato-protective properties which makes it useful for the healing of diabetes as well. For diabetes treatment the roots of the plant are used. Roots are washed and dried and then ground into powder.

Kadugurohini can be ground easily in mixer. After grinding all these powders are mixed and strained. Mix only 2 grams powder in warm water and consume it thrice a day before every meal. The choornam can be made at home easily and it is used in tablet form also. This choornam is very beneficial for treatment of enduring disease of diabetes. This Tamil herbal medicine for diabetes treatment can be taken along with allopathic medicines also provided the patient should be very alert about the blood sugar level.

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