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Friday, August 14, 2015

Kuppaimeni leaves medicinal uses Tamil Vaithiyam herbal mooligai medicine

This is the information about kuppaimeni leaves medicinal uses Tamil Vaithiyam herbal  mooligai medicine, called Nettle in English or popularly known as wild spinach is loaded with medicinal values which can remove harmful toxins and waste products from the body.  People commonly uses this kuppaimeni leaves for cough and cold. The medicinal herb is good for kidney healthy also and it can be helpful to remove kidney stones.  There is no side effects of using this spinach ,  the recipes prepared with Kuppaimeni keerai in Tamil are medicinally beneficial in treating various diseases like weight loss, skin infection , dandruff,  face pimples etc.

Kuppaimeni payangal
  • Kuppaimeni herb is beneficial in treating throat infection and fever. You can get the health benefits of this plant by gargling with kuppaimeni leaves juice or warm leaves tea can be one of the best solutions for throat related problems.  The herb is used for digestion problems and the related conditions like diarrhea and dysentery.
  • The diuretic and astringent qualities of nettle leaves can be a remedial for nose bleeding or even for menstrual flow.  Those who are the patient of sinus problem or other allergies can take advantage of this herbal leaves as a very good remedy.  Kuppaimeni leaves steam is useful for sinus problem.
  • The leaves extract of this medicinal herb can be used to treat enlarged prostate also. kuppaimeni medicinal plant  leaves of this plant are suggested for the treatment of blood sugar patients. It can not only reduce the sugar level but also stimulates insulin production in the blood.
  • Nettle is suggested in various heart related problems also. Nettle herb is loaded with iron and vitamin C, thus it is considered as the best medicine for anemic condition. As the plant absorbs a very good amount of minerals from the soil, it is rich in many nutritious values.
  • kuppaimeni oil  is beneficial in treating dandruff problem. For minor burns, insect bites or stings, the paste of nettle leaves is applied externally. People use kuppaimeni  for eczema, ringworm and rashes can be treated with the creams and ointments made with nettle extracts.
  • This amazing herb is also beneficial for hair problems. It can prevent hair fall, dandruff and helps to improve hair quality. Muscle sprain, joint pain and arthritis can be treated with the help of nettle leaves. Anti inflammatory quality of nettle leaves can helpful to reduce the pain. Generally nettle leaves are used for cough and cold, stomach pain, hair loss and epilepsy.
  • The leaves extracts are advised to be taken internally to fight against the intestinal worms like tape worm. The leaves paste give satisfactory results in ear pain. The paste should be applied externally around the ear. In the same way when the paste is applied on the forehead, it gives relief from the throbbing headache.

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