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Monday, January 18, 2016

Paati vaithiyam for thyroid in tamil herbal mooligai medicine

This is Paati vaithiyam for thyroid in tamil herbal mooligai medicine. Thyroid glands can get stimulated for regular functioning by consuming the food that is rich in vitamin A.  The thyroid patients are advised to eat lots of green leafy vegetables to get treatment for thyroid. The common problems are hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

For the smooth and regular functioning of thyroid glands TSH, magnesium is equally beneficial. Walnuts are loaded with iodine and magnesium, useful for thyroid condition.

Consumption of iodine can stimulate the thyroid glands effectively. Thyroid patients are suggested to eat food items that contain iodine. Curd, eggs, sea food, oatmeal, banana and potato are some of the food items that are rich in iodine.

The best nattu vaithiyam for thyroid remedy, mix coconut oil in milk and consume the mixture daily. The milk gives strength to the body and the coconut oil boosts body metabolism. The coconut oil can also regulate the functioning of thyroid glands positively.

Ginger is considered as very effective for thyroid glands functioning.  Patti vaithiyam for thyroid in tamil medicine support the usage of ginger. Add ginger in your regular recipes as well as in your herbal tea. Ginger is also rich in anti inflammatory properties along with magnesium, potassium and zinc. These all properties are useful for stimulation of thyroid glands.

Tamil medicine for thyroid: Eating lotus stem and water reed can help you to improve the functioning of thyroid gland efficiently.

Omega 3 fatty acid is very effective in controlling thyroid. The flax seeds are loaded with omega 3 fatty acid. The consumption of the same can be beneficial in the treatment of hypothyroidism. Add flax seeds in water and consume it daily for better thyroid performance.

The patients of hypothyroidism need vitamin D as a natural immunity builder and metabolism booster. Spend some time in sunlight to get sufficient amount of vitamin D. In market vitamin D capsules are also available. 

Evening Prime rose is very useful for thyroid treatment. The oil extracts contain Amino acid that can regulate the thyroid functioning effectively. It can also prevent the harmful effects of thyroid condition on the body parts, such as weight gain, hair fall, roughness of skin and irregular menstruation.
Siberian Ginseng is one of the most useful herbs that can improve the functioning of thyroid glands.

Nettle oil is also very useful for the treatment of thyroid. Apply the oil around the neck to develop the functioning of thyroid glands.

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