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Monday, February 22, 2016

Tamil herbs for hair growth / Karisalankanni hair oil preparation

This is Tamil herbs for hair growth, Tamil vaithiyam herbal mooligai medicine for healthy hair growth.  Every lady wishes to get long, black and beautiful hair.  Some ladies get them naturally and some try hard to get beautiful hair. By using some herbs and other ingredients you can prepare herbal hair oils that can give you thick, long, black and beautiful hair without much effort. The ingredients essential to make these herbal oils at home, are easily available in the kitchen garden or in the market. So let’s try to take a look over some of the herbal tips for hair growth in tamil medicine, herbal hair oils and the method to prepare them.

Herbal hair oil for hair graying / karisalankanni hair oil preparation in Tamil
Herbs for hair growth in tamil medicine is natural. Gray shade in hair is not a sign of aging. In many young people gray hair problem is common now. The karisalankanni hair oil preparation Tamil herbal oil made with Vellai Karisalankanni leaves and coconut oil or sesame oil can be very beneficial for this problem. The plant of Karisalankanni is very useful to deal with the problem. You can use the whole plant or the leaves of the same for making oil. Leaves of the plant are crushed to make a fine paste.

Make small balls with this paste and allow them to dry in shade. It will take 2 to 3 days. When these balls are completely dry soak them in coconut oil or sesame oil for 3 to 4 days. Now extracts of the leaves are totally mixed with the oil and the oil is ready for the usage. Use this oil on your scalp regularly for six to eight months.

This remedy can prevent the problem of premature gray hair problem satisfactorily. Herbal hair oil for quick hair growth:
If you wish to have beautiful long hair within few months then the herbal oil made with hibiscus flower and coconut oil can be your perfect choice. Take 8 to 10 hibiscus flowers to make oil. Take a thick bottom pan and boil coconut oil in it.

When the process of boiling will start add slightly crushed hibiscus flowers in it. After taking the oil from the heat, don’t remove the flowers from the oil. After cooling store the oil in the airtight container. Use this oil daily to massage your scalp. The regular oil massage will not only promotes the healthy hair growth but also prevents the problem of hair fall. This remedy can reduce the process of hair graying also.

Herbal hair oil for strong and healthy hair
To get rid of hair fall and to get strong and beautiful hair, the oil made with henna leaves, vellai karisalankanni leaves, hibiscus flowers, curry leaves and coconut oil is very useful. Make separate pastes of henna leaves, curry leaves, karisalankanni leaves and hibiscus flowers. Heat coconut oil in a heavy bottom pan and add these pastes into it. When all the dampness is taken away from the oil, remove the pan from the flame. After cooling, store this oil in air tight container. Use the beneficial oil regularly for 6 to 8 months to prevent hair fall and new health hair growth.

Herbal hair oil for shiny and long hair:
Herbal hair oil made with amla, hibiscus flowers, karisalankanni leaves and curry leaves along with coconut oil is useful to get thick and shiny hair growth. After removing seeds from amla, grind all the ingredients together to make a fine paste.

In a heavy bottom pan heat coconut oil and add paste of all the herbs in it. Heat the oil until all the moisture is dispersed from the oil. After cooling store the oil in air tight container. Use this oil to massage your scalp daily. This herbal oil can not only reduce the hair fall but also solve the scalp problems like dandruff etc. continue the therapy for six to eight months to support healthy hair growth.

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