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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Nattu vaithiyam for diabetes Herbal Mooligai medicine

This is Nattu vaithiyam for diabetes Herbal Mooligai medicine. Diabetes is the health problem in which insulin production in the body reduces or the blood cells stop responding to the insulin produced. As the name suggests, insulin plant is a boon for the diabetic patients. Siddha vaithiyam for diabetes found that the leaves of this amazing plant are helpful to increase the insulin level in the body. Basically this plant originated from America and because of the medicinal properties of the plant, it has become very famous in India too. Patti vaithiyam for diabetes uses medicinal herbs to cure hyperglycemia.

The plant extracts are used in Tamil vaithiyam for diabetes ayurvedic and Herbal medicinal therapies to treat diabetes effectively. The regular consumption of the insulin plant extracts can boost the insulin production in the body and also helps to reduce the blood glucose level effectively.

The plant needs sheltered area for growth. The growth of this plant is very rapid and easy. This is the reason; many people grow this plant in their home gardens. The leaves of this plant are plump and it is proved that the regular consumption of this plant leaf can cure the diabetes completely.

As this medicinal herb is getting high demand in India, Karnataka government has developed the production of this plant in Bangalore and Mangalore regions. Generally this plant is cultivated in the months of September and October.

The research has proved the medicinal values of the plant and now allopathic doctors also suggest the plant consumption for the treatment of diabetes. The powder of the dry leaves plant is also available in the market for the better and easy use. The patients are advised to add the powder in boiling water. After cooling down, consume the mixture twice a day as a useful therapy.

It is always better to consume this mixture on empty stomach. Many diabetic patients have taken advantage of this magical plant to treat their problem of diabetes. The leaves of the plant are loaded with Corosolic Acid that is very beneficial in controlling the blood sugar level.

It stimulates the insulin production in the body and also helps to reduce blood glucose level effectively. Apart from diabetes, this medicinal plant can also treat various health problems like skin diseases, fever, bronchitis and other respiratory problems like asthma. It is a very good remedy for preventing the problem of intestinal worms.

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