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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Vasambu medicinal benefits and uses Tamil Herbal Treatment

This is vasambu medicinal benefits and uses Tamil herbal treatment. Baby nutrition problems and baby sleep problems are the most common problems in newborns. Acorus calamus or Vasambu is also famous as Pillai Valarpan that means the herb which is beneficial for the growth of your baby. In English the herb is known as Sweet flag for its taste and odor. This is the best traditional medicine for children diseases. This herbal plant is used from ancient time in Ayurveda as well as Siddha medicines. In modern era the plant is used for its sedative and laxative properties. There is no side effects of using this in normal children.

The major and famous use of this natural cure medicine is for the healthy growth of babies. In many problems of new born babies the herb is very useful. Herbal medicine properties of the root help to cure many diseases. The medicinal herb is burnt over the flame and crushed before mixing it with water or mother’s milk. This paste is given to babies for many problems. For the herbal treatment of colic infants the above mentioned paste is rubbed on baby’s tongue every morning for few days. You can also get elcarim drops in the market which contain the extracts of this herb.

Vasambu benefits for babies: If the baby is suffering from loose motions then the paste made with Acorus Calamus is mixed with honey and given to baby as a treatment.

Vasambu for newborn uses: Vasambu root beads bangle is used for babies. When the infant smells the smell of the root the problems of indigestion and vomiting are get cured.

Vasambu for cold: The paste of acorus calamus along with breast milk is a very good remedy for cold in babies.

 Vasambu for cough: Vasambu with breast milk also cures cough and constipation problem in children. Consult your pediatrician before giving.

Insect bite: The babies often get irritated with insect bites. Acorus calamus is a very good option to solve this problem. Take a piece of this herb and tie it with string. Now tie this thread around baby’s neck and baby will be safe from the insect bite.

Many babies will face speech problems. In such cases the herb is used as a very good remedy. The dosage varies according to the health condition, age and disease of the babies.  

Apart from babies Vasambu and honey is used for general problems like Gas, acid reflux, loose motion, hair removal, and flatulence. The other stomach problems like indigestion, stomach, loss of appetite can also be cured with the herb extracts.

Vasambu for face: This is not only health medicine but beauty related too. Vasambu powder is used in facial scrub and masks.

Vasambu for lice: Vasambu oil is available in online this will work better to get rid of head lice problem.

Vasambu for pimples: vasambu root powder with turmeric cure pimples and acne problems.

Vasambu for dandruff: This medicinal herb is used in treating dandruff problem in ayurveda.

The herb is widely used as a sedative for its calming effects. The plant is used in siddha and ayurvedic therapies as a perfect medicine for the problems like arthritis and rheumatoid. For many types of skin problems the herb can be directly used in many places.

Medically it is proved that the medicinal properties of acorus calamus can be used for muscle relaxation. 

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