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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tamil medicine for irregular periods herbal mooligai treatment

This is Tamil medicine for irregular periods herbal mooligai treatment. When the menstrual cycle of 21 to 30 days does not come in time or does not come at all then it is considered as irregular menstrual period. Also the problem of low menstrual flow or excessive flow is also considered as the irregularity in menstrual period.

Irregular menstruation can follow with many other problems like pregnancy delay, weight loss or weight gain, anxiety etc. herbal medication for irregular periods is very effective and this is a complete natural medicine for irregular periods. There are many causes behind the irregularity of the periods. The common causes or reason are hormonal imbalance and thyroid problem. Here are some easy and effective home remedies to fight against this problem. Here is some of the irregular periods treatment home in tamil language nattu treatment.

Irregular periods solution in tamil vaithiyam
Very few ladies know that the saffron is very beneficial for the menstrual problems. Boil saffron in water or milk and consume it twice a day to cure irregular periods after marriage in Tamil medicine.

Medicinal properties of ginger can be useful in reducing menstrual cramps and regulating the menstrual cycle. Boil the pieces of fresh ginger in water and consume the water twice a day for better results.

Ayurvedic medicine for irregular periods suggests ginger, mint and cinnamon are the key ingredients in irregular period treatment. Make powder of sundry mint leaves and consume it daily to get rid of menstrual problems. It can also regulate the menstrual cycle effectively.

Mix fresh cinnamon powder in milk and consume twice a day to prevent the problem of delayed periods.

One of the best irregular periods tips in Tamil medicine is papaya fruit. Consumption of ripe or unripe papaya can help in regulating the menstrual cycle. It is advised to consume papaya when you are suffering from the problems of menopause. Papaya juice is well known treatment for the treatment of menstrual problems.

Boil coriander seeds in water and consume the water to reduce excessive blood flow during menstrual days.

Herbal medicinal therapy suggests the remedy of roots of banyan trees for the problems of menstrual cycle. The roots are boiled in water for some time and cow milk is added in it. This milk should be consumed daily before going to bed. Within few months the menstrual cycle will occur regularly.

During the season eat lots of grapes to regulate the menstrual cycle. Grape juice is also effective for the treatment of the problem.

Drink aloe Vera juice twice a day to normalize the menstrual cycle. It can also prevent the excessive bleeding effectively.

Crush the radish and add it in buttermilk. Consume it for two days and your delayed periods will occur on the third day. Corianders leaves can also prove effective in bring the delayed periods in order.

Consume juice made with raw carrots to prevent the problem of irregular menstruation.

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